how to get free subscriber in youtube  

Hi dear friends,today we are going to see how to get ten free subscribers every five minutes as you see in front of you this is my second Channel in which I have 135 subscribers but after I use this great website which is KINGDOM OF LIKES I got new free 13 subscribers just in 5 minutes so watch to the end and see how I did it But before we start we are going to help one of our YouTube friends this is his channel it's HA PRODUCTION please go to his channel choose one of his videos, like it subscribe to his channel and don't forget to leave a nice comment. If you want also a free shout out just subscribe to our Channel and leave me a nice comment and be sure that I will make you a free shout out so see after the intro.  As you see my friends this is kingdom of likes official website first of all you have to register you can do that by clicking on register above, then a new window will be appeared in which you will type your own information such as email password then confirm your own password then click on submit. The next step my friends, is to activate your new account from your email. So we will open a new window in which you will open your gmail accounts [Music] as you see this is activation email. I will click on it so that I will get my activation link then I will click again on it to activate my account. Wonderful I just activated my own account. now I can log in to the kingdom of likes. 

youtube free subscriber in one day

So this i the home page now the question is how kingdom of likes works ? the idea is very simple we will start a new page in which you will add your own youtube channel Then you will start collecting points. So at the same time in which you are collecting points this site will give it for other memobers to subscribe to your channel. So the idea is simple the more points you get the more subscribers you get for your channel. So you have to work hard on this website so that you will collect a huge amount of points so that you will get a lot of subscribers. To add our channel we will click on add page then we'll choose each social service we want increase its hits.Then we will choose YouTube subscribers something wonderful about this website is the ability to choose from each country you want to get subscribers form. For me it doesn't matter I will choose worldwide then I will choose a random title for this page. The next step is to put our YouTube channel URL and we'll copy it and paste it in its place. Something else is that you can choose the daily clicks for your channel, for example how much subscribers you want to get every day. The last thing is to choose how much points you want to pay per click after this we will click on submit. A little problem, subscriber count of my channel is hidden so I will go to my youtube channel dashboard then I will click on settings. And I will choose channel then I will click on display the number of people subscribe to my channel now we will return to our website then click on submit. This time everything is going good. Now we'll start to collect free points by choosing one of those social networks and work on it. I will choose YouTube subscribers then I will start giving subs for others to get my own free points and remember the more points you get the more subscribers you will get for your youtube channel. So good luck and see you in the next time

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